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  1. JS-On july the 20th I´ve made an online reservation through late rooms.com, my card details were asked online to confirm the booking, on August the 5th I have got a bank transaction(card not present) for 70 pounds, on August the 7th I arrived at the hotel I´ve made the booking for, Guess what?, I had to pay 70 pounds, because Laterooms.com does not make any charge online(that´s what they explained at the hotel), I went into internet and Found that http://WWW.EVIIVO.com. internet GB is an app used for booking, so who is responsable for going inside bank details without authorization?”

  2. On 2 January I used booking.com to book accommodations, both described clearly as “no deposit required” – payment on arrival. Suddenly there are two charges pending on my credit card, one small one for EVIIVO and a very large with with no details yet. Neither was authorised or expected. An explanation is required along with cancellation of both pending charges. My bank will be notified on Monday.”

  3. I found a full payment charged against my credit card, for booking in May 2017 which was supposed to be paid 7 days before arrival. I have spoken to booking.com who confirmed that http://www.EVIIVO.COM is one of their booking agents. Booking.com are investigating and will insist on a full refund, which I am still waiting on. Booking.com and other agents who use http://www.EVIIVO.com should put them on notice about this outrageous behaviour.Aussie battler”

  4. eviivo are actually a reputable company. They are one of very few companies in the travel sector that are regularly audited for card security and PCI compliance. If anything goes wrong with a payment, eviivo will always refund the payment. eviivo are actually a sofware company who handles payments ON BEHALF OF hotels so in most cases, where there is a charge it is because the TERMS and CONDITIONS of the booking include a deposit or a cancellation fee which is due if the cancellation occurs after a certain point in time. eviivo do not SET the cancellation policy, they merely execute it. Only the hotel may agree to waive the required cancellation fees, and if they do the eviivo system will automatically issue the refund. So what should you check when eviivo appears on your bank statement. 1) Make sure this is a charge and NOT just a preauthorisation. If the card was merely preauthorised” NO MONEY was taken out of your account. It simply means that the bank confirmed that the card was good for that amount. Some banks however take a long time to cancel some preauthorisation. There is nothing that eviivo can do about that! 2) Check your booking terms because if once a cancellation fee is due, it is NON REFUNDABLE and some hotels may charge your card at that point. 3) Check that there is no deposit against due. Finally if none of these scenarios apply to you, then give all your transaction details and issue to eviivo via the eviivo.com website using the Contact Us tab and the Guest option.”

  5. I did not authorise this payment is taken out of my bank I’ve got no receipt for it I never never had to pay this before. Edward Martinali

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