is all about consumers helping consumers. It is very easy for a big corporation to change the descriptor that appears on consumer bank accounts and credit card statements. In many cases, they are not as clear as they should be, and there really is no one holding them accountable for their slight deceptiveness

We launched this website with the purpose of providing an open forum where consumers can keep track of who these companies are, and in a best case, gather contact information for these companies. In this day and age, protecting your identity and credit health is very important.

Let’s work together and stop fraud in its tracks!

Arán Carreón Pacheco
Arán Pacheco came to the team from a background in business administration and has put those skills to work as a content writer for the team. Arán is a friendly face, one his colleagues are always eager to see. He lives at home with his wife and young daughter who takes up most of his free time. The family enjoys both playing and watching a variety of sports together. Arán’s business background helped him quickly stand out as a leader on the team and he has taken the role to heart, becoming one of our most passionate advocates for consumer rights and education. We all look forward to seeing what type of progress Arán will achieve and help others achieve as a result of his role here.


Hayden Walker
Hayden Walker is another leader on the writing team here at She joined us fresh out of college with a degree in literature with a minor in journalism and has quickly used those skills to distinguish herself. Outside of work, Hayden is a passionate advocate for animal rights and works with a local rescue group helping rehabilitate injured wildlife. She also enjoys spending time with her twin sister when they are both free and hiking with her own dog, Oreo. Hayden’s skills in literature come through in her clear and easy to understand writing style with makes her a valued writer on the team, and her upbeat nature makes her popular with everyone who knows her including all of her colleagues here.


Keira Pavy
Keira Pavy is another of the writers here at She came to the team after finishing a tour of duty in the Air Force when she was looking for a place to begin the next phase of her career. Keira’s take-charge attitude born out of her military service has served her and those around her well, making her a capable and distinguished expert in all things cancellation. Keira spends her time away from her work serving as a reservist in the military and raising 2 young sons with her husband. Keira brings a warm and assertive presence to her work and has quickly become a strong advocate for consumers. When asked to explain her philosophy on life, she responded with her favorite quote from Dr. Suess, “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple”


Hólmar Aronsson
Hólmar joined us as a writer after spending two years working in collections for charges and seeing the frustrations that accompany difficulty cancelling recurring charges. He brought that passion for advocacy and cancellation expertise to join the team and has been with us ever since. Hólmar tells us he is a martial artist and family man in his spare time and recently started competing in Brazilian jiu-jitsu with his children on the weekends. Hólmar’s experience with how charges like these work has been invaluable to his role as a writer here and he continues to work hard to provide the most up-to-date information to consumers. When asked to sum up his philosophy on life, Hólmar said “Progress not Perfection” which explains his approach to work as well.