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15 thoughts on “SIMPLE CHALLENGES

  1. An ACH test was set up on my bank that I did not recognize (two small debits of .03 and .92 and then a .95 credit). I noticed it and immediately called my bank. They took they precious time investigating. The following Monday I noticed nearly $500 was in the was being w/d from my account (pending status). I got the bank to stop it and shut the account down completely. The transactions were for Simple Challenges – Jefravi Marko. Don’t have a clue what company or who this was. All I was told by my bank that this person had somehow hacked my account. Has anyone experienced this?

  2. Same just happened to me. What I don’t get is how they were able to verify the small debits and credit transactions to make the larger withdrawal a few days later.

  3. I just noticed today that my savings account was tapped for $1.02 and two credits of $0.92 & $0.10 on 10/4 by a Dewayne Olson from Simple Challenges. The following day a $3,500 debit hit my account as an E*Trade transfer by someone named Richard Sniffin. Coincidence? I highly doubt it!

  4. I happened to go online to my saving account to transfer money for a home repair. I noticed 2 different deposits from Challenges Simple 9554 Russell Daniel”. One for .90 and one for .58. I never ever give my savings account number to anybody so I immediately called BB&T’s fraud department. They let me make the transfer I needed then closed the account. The gentleman said, ” we did that at a good time because there is a pending withdrawal for $1.47 from this same person”. So I guess I was lucky my water heater went out because I don’t generally do my personal banking until late Friday evenings. At least their fraud department is aware and investigating.”

  5. We were hacked thru our bank account and charges showed up from this Simple Challenges and Simple XFERS DR. There were 3 charges for $.90, $.48 and $.42 and the last charge was more than $2200! Of course we called Sun Trust immediately and reported the fraud (I had received a message about the odd activity, thankfully!). But now we have to close accounts, reopen accounts, change automatic deposits and bill pays, etc. What a pain in the ass! I would like to know if anyone else had recently changed internet service providers shortly before these charges showed up on their statements? We had just changed from AT&T to Spectrum (formerly Bright House) just 3 weeks before this happened – kind of suspicious! We shall see what the Fraud Department and the police come up with.

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