POS Debit Audible 888-283-5051 NJ

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4 thoughts on “POS Debit Audible 888-283-5051 NJ

  1. went to audible site http://www.audible.com .. clicked login (even though I didn’t have an account i knew of) and it pulled up my amazon login info.. and let me log in..Before, I tried this, I hit their site and used the help/chat.. and like others, they kept asking for email and such.. that appearantly they couldn’t find.. and couldn’t help me. that chat ended badly after 30 minutes of frustration on both sides.But NOW that i was logged in, and went to help re: account, one being when did the charges start.. (january this year 2015) they said great.. and they worked thru and refunded all the charges.. $134 ish… I should also add, when I logged in, the first thing i did was click on membership, and cancelled it. then I entered the help chat.end result, they told me the total i will see returned back to my card in the next 2-3 days.. and was very helpful and painless.”

  2. Appeartently you sign up for a free trial, whether you do it willingly of not, and the $14.954 is monthly service fee, as they maintain separate accounts and bookkeeping from Amazon.

  3. Got charged twice for $14.95 by Audible but had my bank reverse the charges. I never signed up for, nor did I want to, but somehow this company was able to charge my account at Amazon for services I never signed up for.This company MAY BE associated with Amazon, but Amazon bills for their services out of Washington state on their charge entries. This Audible bills out of NEW JERSEY and doesn’t leave contact info on the bank statement

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