PENDING H&M MAIL/PHONE ORD #77 – 855-466-7467 IL

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3 thoughts on “PENDING H&M MAIL/PHONE ORD #77 – 855-466-7467 IL

  1. I got fraudulent charges on my credit card for: H&M MAIL/PHONE ORD #7700. We had our credit cards in our possession and had not used it on the day 4 bogus charges came through with this vendor”. There were 3 charges of $64.14 and 1 charge of $49.13. Then there was another charge with another locally based company sandwiched between these charges, which I think is where all this came from. Someone there using my card fraudulently. I disputed the charges and closed the account. However, someone must have claimed they were legitimate because it went to the credit reporting agency and lowered my score a little bit, , which angered me. I don’t pay a scam and they get to hit my credit rating. Sick trick.”

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