NOR*NORTHERN TOOL 800-222-5381, MN

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70 thoughts on “NOR*NORTHERN TOOL 800-222-5381, MN

  1. I was charged $1135.22 from this company. Is this some type of fraud? On the line holding for my bank now. This is a company that sells commercial equipment. I have no idea how they would have my information.

  2. Same problem for me. Today morning 10:34 AM IST $19.08 was spent on my card with out my knowledge from this company, i even not aware of this company.

  3. I have 4 charges and one pending to this company in the last 3 weeks and I have never bought anything from them.

  4. I have 4 charges and one pending charge from this company. For $85.98, $90.98, $90.98, $94.36, $107.66. I have never heard of this company. I don’t need any tools.

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