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57 thoughts on “FOSTER SMITH MAIL ORDR

  1. Foster Smith Mail Ordr suddenly appeared on my credit card without me being awake to even buy anything. Had to cancel credit card and dispute charges. Still in the process of disputing. Charges occurred after signing up for a 5 Day Free Trial to liliplay so you have officially been warned.

  2. My husband signed up for a free 30 day trial for Audible via Amazon. Within days the first charge from Foster Smith appeared, followed by another until we realized neither of us made such purchases. Thankfully our credit card company was well aware of the scam and cancelled our card, refunding the charges. Be on guard.

  3. I have just realized that Foster Smith charged 138.78 USD from my account. I cancelled my card. And I live next to Istanbul. I suprised!

  4. Same thing to us today, 3-22-2016, never even heard of the company, yet a $60.00 charge hit my account. The only web site I was on was Amazon looking at books with my daughter and we did not put in our information or order anything. I do have an amazon account. Beware.

  5. Got an alert from m my bank for a charge to an online sports shop Holabird Sports, which was fraudulent. Then reviewed my account and a smaller charge of $24.47 from Foster Smith had also appeared. This all before 6:00 a.m my time! Fraud!

  6. Just got a notification from capital one wallet today on a $8.54 purchase at 2:54am today from Foster and Smith. Disputing the charges and also contacted the company to see who it is as well. I will prosecute them. They messed with the wrong woman.

  7. Was charged 48.13 by this fraudulent company. Reported it to capital one. Disputed charges and they were returned to my card and new card with new number was issued. Also signed up for free trail of a week prior.”

  8. This is so weird. My Capital One card charge of $26.72 by Foster & Smith was billed to a card that has no balance (made it easy to catch & stop just a few minutes after the charge occurred). What’s weird is that I have not used this card in several years. I do have an Audible account but have had it for 5+ years and did not use this card. Where the heck did they get my card number? Luckily (for me) I set my spending limit alerts to $1 so I received a text alert before the card company contacted me. Also, why just Capital One cards?

  9. I also got an alert by text from Cap One about a charge and they not only used it for 2 purchases at walmart for the same amount–a third being declined but they used it twice for different amounts at drfostersandsmith…listed as Foster Smith Mail Order. I also have not used my card inmany months. I still have the card so I don’t know how they managed to get the card number, exp and security code in order to purchase.”

  10. wow I just got the same today. Cap1 and a purchase on walmart and foster smith mail order.I havent used my card in almost a year.

  11. I also got 2 charges on my Capital One to Walmart one for 369 and another for 190. I also got a charge for Foster Smith pet supplies for 13. All but the Foster Smith has been returned. All were mail order. Who did this? I certainly did not order anything and when this new presidential order goes through allowing our online information to be sold that overturns a previous order that stopped such activity we are all in trouble. I’m getting a new card and I guess I will have to forego the convenience of online shopping.

  12. I am really disturbed that capital one system might have been hack. My capital one credit card was charged a Foster Smith mail order. What is ironic is I have not used my card in months and what’s even more ironic is the nerve of capital one telling me let’s do a three way call to Foster Smith maybe it will jog my memory. Looking through the comments, I’m appalled at the audacity they tried to assume I forgot about this charge, when in fact there are multiple individuals who is reporting their capital one credit card was chargein error.

  13. Had a charge for just over $19 and then they tried to charge over $470 at … was stopped but still very concerning and frustrating!!!”

  14. Just got the same charge from Foster Smith and a slew of purchases at Wal-Mart that didn’t go through. Haven’t used this card in over a year and the ONLY place I know that it is online is for my Amazon account as a payment option. The card just sits in my safe, so this was a data breach somewhere.

  15. I just got charged yesterday 60$ from Foster Smith mail order from my Capital one card had to call the card and dispute as well . This is so frustrated now i have to be carefull and set up all my cards to notifications . Text alert its important from now on . Scam scam scam

  16. So, I had $150 charge from Foster Smith. Googled it and found this page. FIRST POP-UP WAS CAPITAL ONE! Most of the comments on here mention Capital One, and that’s the card my fraud was on…Coincidence????

  17. On Friday there was a charge to my Capital One card to of $186.40 and one today to Foster Smith Mail for $83.40, both of which I didn’t authorize. It was a card I only used for my ipsy subscription which I cancelled today. Called Capital One and they cancelled the card and is sending me a new one. This is ridiculous. “

  18. On 4/14 I was charged only 18.41 to my Chase Card. Not a lot of money but still it was unauthorized a more than just a bit unsettling.

  19. I had two fraudulent charges to my Capital One card as well. The first charge was for Foster Smith for $52 and the second charge was for $230 to Thankfully, the Walmart charge was declined. I was able to catch it before any additional charges occurred. Both of my charges were on 4/19. I have a hunch that a data breach occurred at Walmart or Capital One. “

  20. I was contacted by First Citizen bank about a possible fraudulent charge from Fosters and Smith Mail Order today. They declined the charge so no further have gone through and I now cancelled the card after seeing this, but like Melissa below, I suspect a data breach and since the last item i put on this particular was purchased through less then a month ago and I’ve been out of the country for 5 months so that’s the only charge to it in the past 5 months. It hasn’t even been slid anywhere for a debit in a store or gas station.”

  21. This recently happened to me for $98.19 through foster Smith mail ord. I have no clue who they are and i dont have pets. Contacted capital one and they contacted foster Smith who informed they have had an increase in cap1 card activity in the past year so im assuming it’s a breach on cap1 side or foster Smith.

  22. Definitely a scam. I got a charge of $85.58 on my WF CC even before I received my new card in the mail.

  23. I just had an $11 charge from Foster and Smith on my Capital One card. I caught it quickly and disputed it with Capital One. They are canceling the card and sending me a new one.

  24. I had two fraudulent charges on my capitol card, one from Foster Smith Mail for $11 and the other from Walmart for $113. The Walmart charge was attempted TWELVE times!!! Of course I was alerted right away. I wonder if more can be done to look into this Foster Smith/Walmart connection.

  25. My Capital One card was just charged $166 by Foster Smith, lucky that I was able to catch it right away and get the charges reversed and a new card sent.

  26. I received a text alert from Capital One for possible fraud for a $230 charge at Walmart. They were able to stop that purchase. I logged onto my account and saw there was a charge for $16 Foster Smith Mail that went through on the same day. I have not used this card in a year.

  27. Oh my gosh that’s the exact same thing that happened to me an attempted charge to Walmart but I didn’t have the amount available then I see a lower charge for this Foster Smith.

  28. The same thing happened to me today. But with $112 toFoster and smith mail order followed by five transactions to Walmart for $189.

  29. I was just notified of a 129.00 WalMart charge and when I looked there was a 12.00 Foster Smith charge pending” (which I cannot dispute while pending). The really weird part is that these charges are on a brand new card, one that was sent to me after I had disputed another charge (unrelated). I have only had this new card about a week and just activated it about 4 days ago. It has never been out of my home, nor have I used it for any kind of a purchase. This scam is happening somewhere in the Capital One system…they have a serious bug.”

  30. Same thing just happened to my mom $47 charge for foster and smith and then tried to charge $430 from Apple website a couple times but didn’t go thru because the funds weren’t available. She called and now they’re marking it as fraud and sending her a new card

  31. A $250 fradulent charge from Foster Smith appeared on my VISA card. VISA declined it because the fraudulent order asked that it be mailed to a different address than mine. Interestingly, I had purchased pet meds from a different company that same day!!!!!!! So, somehow, the fraudsters got into the other company’s database.

  32. Last night I got a charge for $134.56 from Foster Smith Mail Order on my Capital One. I do have the notifications set so each time that it is used my phone goes off. This was at about 9pm. I was able to just report the fraud and lock my card. I have a new one coming already. So that is super helpful. Just such a pain. Why can’t Capital One catch this as it seems like a typical thing for their card holders?

  33. Oct. 30, 2018. A fraudulent charge for $25.02 from Foster Smith Mail Ordr” just appeared on Capital One. Luckily no other charges that I know of.”

  34. Same here as the others. Fraudulent charge, but only $20+. Seems hardly worth the effort, think they would go for bigger amt. Nevertheless, a big pain in the A$$ for me having to change a ton of auto pmt accts.

  35. Just got my card charged for $192 from foster Smith mail order today. Capital one texted me to confirm the purchase that I denied.

  36. Same thing this morning! To my husband card we were going to make a payment and notices foster charge and party city (attempted 4 times) and other charges that hadn’t even gone through yet. Luckily capital one took care of it and we are getting a new card. But still what an annoyance that this is going on, we are trying to get a house and keeping track of our credit.

  37. Yep…just got declined. Sorry Hackers…dont have $74.06 of credit to scam. Get a real job and get ink on your hands like i do. I wanted out of this country already but theres money in polluting it so dont cross me.

  38. Just got a fraud Alert from Capitol One. A $453.27 charge was charged but stopped by Capitol One. Looks like they were trying to hit a homerun with my card. Thanks Capitol One. Just paid that one off too!!

  39. From reading all these post I can tell that this must be a capital one problem because I received the same message to I was charged $56 call Capital One and they were able to fix it but I like I said this must be a big Capital One problem thats were all the posts are from

  40. From reading all these post I can tell that this must be a big Capital One problem I also received a message stating I was charged $58 from this fake company called Capital One they were able to fix it but I can see that all the post have been complaining about Capital One what’s going on

  41. Call the number on your statement. They apparently cover numerous companies. My charge was for LiveAquaria & was a valid charge. I initially freaked out as well thinking my card was breached.

  42. Just woke up this morning to a Foster Smith charge on my capital one card for $16.04. I don’t have a pet. So obviously I didn’t make this purchase. Thankfully I have the notifications set on my capital one app for each purchase. It’s a card a rarely use so I wouldn’t have noticed it. I would recommend everyone to make sure the app notifications are on so you can catch something ASAP.

  43. I got a charge for 59.00 from foster and smith on my capital one card. They tried to make another charge but it was declined, thank God. With all of us saying this happened, Capital One should be doing what they can to stop this. They used my hisbands card, but i have never taken it out of my wallet. I jist kept it to have a spare. This is rediculous!

  44. I just got a charge from the same fake vendor for $12.83 on my Capitol One Card. You’d think by now Capitol One would red flag this Foster Smith Mail Order. I bet this is tied into Equifax breech!

  45. I woke up today with a 450 USD charge on my India credit card. Reported to Citibank. Any idea what?s the source of this card information leak could be ? Thnx Kamal

  46. Seems this has been going on for YEARS from several different banks and bank cards. I think this company needs to be investigated. They probably put charges on hoping you don’t notice. My wifes account was charged yesterday from my joint account debit card that I NEVER USE! How they got our info is beyond me. They blamed it on Wells fargo and said there was a breach, I kindly asked what about all the other banks and bank cards reporting your company, I was quickly told they couldn’t help me and they hung up.

  47. $49.78 was charged to my card this morning, thankfully I stay on top of my account activity and spotted it same day. Wells Fargo is canceling the charge and giving me a new debit card.

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