CHECKCARD Amazon *Mktplce EU-UK 800-279-6620 LUX

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71 thoughts on “CHECKCARD Amazon *Mktplce EU-UK 800-279-6620 LUX

  1. Found a debit of £120 on my bank account with those same Amazon details, can someone confirm what it is, because I have not made a purchase on anything!!!

  2. Money taken from my account. I dont have a Amazon Account. The debit was for £30.00 ref: AMAZON *MKTPLCE , EU-UK , 800-279-6620 LUI have contacted my bank as its fraud!

  3. Just had my credit card statement showing a Amazon UK Marketplace 800-279-6620 LU for £9.59, have contacted bank as I do not have a Amazon account, this is fraud, search via google shows pages and pages of people making complaints about Amazon fraud, have sent them an email and informed them that I will be publishing my complaint via face book and invited them to reply direct. I do not hold out much hope but I will be reporting this to the police as fraud

  4. Had £19.94 taken from my bank account plus another transaction of £1.25. Amazon mktplce eu/de was the originator. Never bought anything from amazon before. Contacted my bank which they informed it was fraudulent and received a full refund. Put a stop on my debit card and received a new card. Hopefully this will not happen again!!!!!!!! Mike. Wiltshire. UK.

  5. last night automatically money got debited from my account with the same name..AMAZON *MKTPLCE , EU-UK , 800-279-6620 LU and I have contacted my bank as its fraud. can some body please tell me how to crack these criminals down and shut this operation? I am seeing complaints from 2014 and 2015 for the same fraud cases across the web. is there no solution?

  6. amazon is a deceptice company be aware of it They stole from me 40 GBP without explanation, after I made a contact with admin the facts were denied. I don’t understand how can thrive these fraud enterprise. Don’t give your card informations to amazon – NEVER!

  7. £220.45 from my accountRef: AMAZON *MKTPLCE , EU-UK , 800-279-6620 LUXSo, They’re still at it, The B*s*ar*sThers muist be a way of stopping them?

  8. only just discovered that these ************************ been taking on and off money out of my capital one tried calling them no one seems to understand me

  9. The charge and refund was legit. It was for perfume purchased via a reseller on Amazon. No issues with the company.

  10. Any body know what this is yet? has anybody phoned amazon and have they confirmed it is nothing to do with them?I had £60 taken from my bank yesterday with 800-279-6620 anybody have a clear answer??????

  11. In my case, it turned out that it was a legitimate charge. I have an Amazon account, and I found this number associated with a payment my wife did through her Amazon account.


    my grandmother that doesnt have an amazon account got charged sevEral times on her credit card with the same concept :
    11/04/2020 AMZN Mktp DE*0O07S92D5 800-279-6620 47,89

    From LUXEMBURG ??


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