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45 thoughts on “BLU* 888-4014678 UT

  1. I saw a huge charge and it turns out I was charged for 36 months of hosting, although I thought I signed up for month to month. I called and they switched it to month to month and all is good

  2. It is Bluehost. I have an account with them for an old, no longer used website. I called them, verified who I was, and they were happy to refund me, and take my card off the list of automatic renewals. If you sign up with Bluehost, you will be charged for automatic domain or site renewals by default. You must request not to be on automatic renewal. It is valid website/server hosting company, and they will be happy to work with you. Toll free# 888-401-4678

  3. My descriptor was just 888-4014678. I went to my bluehost account and there was no such transaction. I have contacted my bank

  4. I was charged $131.o4 with this phone #888-4014678 UT only it was EIG* Never heard of them before. This is definitely a scam.

  5. I called the number to see what this charge is for and had to push # about 40 times before being given a new number to call and getting the run around again. My issue is that I work at a church and this mess is on the church bank account. I now have to go to the bank and have them get the church money back from these folks. 2 charges in the same day. Red flag!

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