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6 thoughts on “USAA FSB NAS ACHDEBIT

  1. I have a overdraft fee for $35.00 because of USAA FSB NAS ACHDEBIT 151009XXXXX1931 SANDRA D ALEXANDER 314074269 1951119310R00000091004259712198

  2. USAA FSB NAS 200096508 Darribelle Diehl this was the account that MY $75,500.00 was wired to without my authorization. It was done online on 2-10-16, after they deposited .47 cents into my account, then removed then went for the 75K. I have reported it, How the hell can they wire money without ID, according to my bank Wells Fargo, it was done on line and all they needed was my account and routing number. I closed my account today!

  3. My checking acct was debited $250 without my consent. I have had no dealings with USAA. Now I see that numerous people have had this happen to them. Looks like Feds could do something.

  4. USAA FSB NAS ACHDEBIT made two $5000 transactions to LINDA FRANCIERE online on 8 11 2016. without my authorization, after they deposited 58 cents. I have reported it. Investigation is ongoing. very disappointed with Wells fargo though. if my money is not even safe in one of the largest bank across the whole country, where should I keep it then?????

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