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  1. I had two charges coming out of CA in November on my card. One being from SQCSelina Martinez, the other from SQCWeston Medley. I DId not use my card for these, so reported them to my bank and bank reported it as fraud and I got my money refunded. One was for $97 and one was for $98, both done on the same day. After bank had refunded my money, the people who had charged these refunded my money! Ok, so today (this is in December) I went to the store and my card was declined. I come home and go online to find another charge from SQC*Selina Martinez for $97!!!!! This made my account balance go into the negative and I had ordered Christmas items online from Walmart that I do not know now if that will go through. What a mess! The bank had issued me a new card for security reasons and I destroyed the first card. Somehow this charge today was made on my NEW card that I haven’t used to purchase anything online except Walmart. I am baffled and very upset. I cannot get a new card EVERY MONTH just so they don’t have my card number!!!! What does a person do to stop these people when you have no idea who they are or how they are getting your card info? There has never been a phone # on any of these transactions, so I cannot contact anyone. Phone numbers would probably be fake anyway.

  2. I am getting charges and only a recording when I call. It is so much BS. If I don’t talk to a person, I will be reporting you to the police department for fraud.

    1. L Johnston,

      If you go to https://squareup.com/receipts you can look up the charge to see where it is coming from. Hopefully, it will help you determine what was charged on your account. Below is a description from the website that explains what “Square” is.
      “What is Square?
      Square enables businesses to accept card payments on their mobile device through a Square Reader, Invoice, Online Store, and other products. While Square was not the merchant that charged you, you may have made a purchase from a business that uses Square to accept card payments.”

  3. Ive had six charges taken out of my checking account from CASH APP CLIFFORD B 8774174551 CA Had to cancel my card

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