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51 thoughts on “JTI*TWITCHTV SUB SRVCS 844-5658623 CA

  1. I checked out this site said it was a one time charge of $4.99 but after I put my card #in then they said there would be a charge of $39.99 I thought that it was crap that they do not tell you up front about these charges so I immediately called and cancelled. My subscription was not even a 1/2 hour and they have charged my card twice. Still trying to get on the site where I believe you need to cancel by e-mail the phone # they give you is constantly busy. I think it’s a scam. When you can not talk to a person to straighten this all out. Don’t trust them and do not join their site. All they want is access to you account I believe. I set this up in July like the second week they immediately took out the $4.99 I just received my bank statement on the 27th of July they charged my account at the end of June (even the bank was not sure how they did that) so for the 1/2 hr that I had the account they’ve charged my my bank twice now they’ve taken a total of $9.98 so I called my bank again they gave me a phone # to call them I tried for 2 days but the number always rang busy. So again I called my bank to ask them what I could do, as they were looking at my account she told me that they tried on 3 different dates 7- 26, 7-27 and 7-28 to get more money out of the account but I had no more money in my account the only thing I could do to stop them from getting any more money was to close out my account . SO BEWARE and do not TRUST themOr you will end up the same way. MAKE SURE YOU TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY To STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY

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