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for AGI*TMO INS DEDUCTIBLE 866-866-6285
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One thought on “AGI*TMO INS DEDUCTIBLE 866-866-6285

  1. This is a scam charge, that showed up on my Discover card today. I don’t have T-mobile either, which is apparently what this AGI TMO insurance” is linked to.They hit my Discover card, just today for $1.00, then -$1.00. Like a test charge. Then, hit it for $175.00.Nice lady, in their fraud dept, issued a new card, etc.Just happened to go on tonight to make a payment and there were the pending charges. Perfect timing!I have read many reports of these guys hitting your bank or CC several times in a day or two, to the tune of $2, 000.If you see this charge appear on you bank statement or credit card bill, call the bank or CC immediately!”

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